Gold Supplier Services

As Companies increase their focus on core competencies and outsource a greater percentage of work content, an enormous opportunity exists for OEM Suppliers that provide Gold level performance. You will need to meet challenging performance criteria and pass rigorous assessments. UP Consulting has extensive, hands-on experience with numerous OEM’s in aerospace & defense and can provide your organization with an invaluable education and essential guidance on every stage of the preparation process, accelerating your journey Gold Supplier Performance!

The Approach

We use a three phased ‘Journey to UTC Supplier Gold’ approach.

Phase One:

It begins with the Planning phase, where we assess your business to understand your current capabilities, spot strengths to build upon, identify gaps in performance and develop a strategy and road map to accelerate your journey to achieve Gold Level performance.

Phase Two:

Operations Excellence, will involve improvement events to enable your organization to deploy quality first strategies, develop the people and the processes to achieve the desired performance and cultural change. We also assist you with being prepared for and completing all required Supplier Assessments.

utc supplier goldPhase Three: In the final step, , we will help you to employ standard work and meaningful visual metrics to ensure that improvements are sustained, and to prepare the required objective evidence for for your OEM Customers.

Customer Stories

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The Lean & Supplier Gold training you facilitated significantly educated and radically influenced our organizations performance. Thank you!

Russ Lambeau Plant GM June 16, 2015