Supplier Chain Strategy

  • Do you have a focused effort to monitor the supply chain risks that could impact your business, and an established strategy to mitigate such risk?
  • Is quality built into your supply chain, or do inspection and correction occur after the fact?
  • Does your supply chain consistently deliver on time?
  • What are the top three supply chain performance and productivity initiatives planned for the current year and the year beyond?

Using innovative strategies and best practices for improving supply chain performance, UP Consulting will help you gain a deeper understanding of supply chain integration, technology sourcing, make-buy decisions, strategic partnering and outsourcing.

Supplier Development

Improve Supply Chain Performance

UP Consulting’s Supplier Development practice is a data driven and customer focused approach to improve supplier quality and delivery performance. Using proven methodologies – including Lean, Six Sigma, and Quality Improvement, we help create more value throughout the value stream.

UP Consulting has experience working both the OEM and Supplier side, giving us the knowledge and expertise to create winning solutions for both.

strategic_planningSupply Chain Strategy
Innovative strategies for improving supply chain performance.

Supplier Assessments
Assess a supplier’s capabilities, identify gaps in performance and develop a road map for improvement.

Lean Operations Implementation
Eliminates waste in production, administrative and service areas using lean techniques to increase efficiency and throughput.

Problem Solving
Both strategic and tactical structured problem solving techniques that are flexible enough for complex problems and unique client needs.

Process Variation Reduction
Improve Process Capability (Cpk).

Delivery & Quality Clinics
Building techniques to systematically attack and eliminate your businesses delivery and quality issues.

New Product Introduction
Process validation, Part move execution, Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Government Contracting
Expertise in the areas of: Part Costing, Government Accounting, forward pricing rate agreements, Federal Acquisition Requirements (FAR), Should Cost Analysis, Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) to guide your organization through Government Contracting Requirements.

Customer Stories

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UP Consulting brings a wealth of aerospace OEM business process knowledge to the table and leverages that knowledge effectively. The UP consulting team have been terrific coaches and facilitators during our Lean journey and are invaluable members of our team.

Andrew Dirats Director of Operations AAA Aircraft Supply, LLC June 16, 2015